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The Alberta First Nations Health Status Report

The Alberta First Nations Health Status Report website gives you access to the Report on the Health Status of First Nations in Alberta. It is set up to provide you with the opportunity to read the entire Report, browse only the specific sections you would like to review, and/or filter the information you require so you can easily create a personal, customized, and printable report.

The Report aims to highlight health inequities for public awareness and action and identify specific areas for action to reduce identified gaps for a wide spectrum of First Nations people, healthcare professionals, researchers, academics, and the general public.

Our aims are consistent with typical public health surveillance reporting approaches that commonly focus on populations at risk of poor health outcomes. We hope that by highlighting inequities and identifying specific areas for action as a first step, we can continue to walk together in partnership to seek strengths-based and community-led frameworks that will bolster meaningful actions aimed at improving the health of First Nations in Alberta.

The Report on the Health Status of First Nations in Alberta is led jointly by the Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health. This collaborative endeavor is supported through the guidance of an Advisory Committee comprising community, provincial, and federal health leaders; health information technicians; as well as Elders from across the province.

First Nations Health Trends-Alberta “One-Pagers”

The First Nations Health Trends-Alberta one-pagers are now available for you to read!


On-line Data Tool (RHS Phase 2)

Data Visualization Tool (for communities)

Coming soon!

COVID-19 Alberta Health Update Archives

Archives of the Weekly Updates from the Alberta Health (AH) Epidemiology and Surveillance Team

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