Ownership, Control, Access & Possession (OCAP®)

Alberta Leadership passed the OCAP® Resolution at The Assembly of Alberta Chiefs (AoTC) on March 30th, 2010 to promote, protect and advance the principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession of First Nations´ research and data, the Inherent Right to self-determination and jurisdiction in research and information management.

Guiding Principles of OCAP®

Self-determination is a fundamental right of First Nation peoples as acknowledged in international law and by Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution. First Nations are actively taking steps to implement this right. The Canadian government has a duty to protect First Nation rights and title to a clear and acceptable standard as set out in the minimum standards defined by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Canada´s duty to consult and accommodate First Nations is an integral component of acknowledging and protecting the right to self-determination.


  • Relationship of First Nations community to its cultural knowledge/ data/ information.


  • First Nations aspirations & rights to maintain, regain control in all areas of their lives includes research, data.


  • First Nations must have access to information about themselves and their communities. Wherever it is held, First Nations have a right to determine who accesses their info.


  • Possession (stewardship) is a mechanism to assert / protect ownership.