Our Data, Our Information, Our Traditional Knowledge

The Alberta FNIGC is incorporated through Industry Canada, with two appointed Representatives from each Treaty Area in Alberta: Treaty No.6, Treaty No.7, Treaty No.8 - to the Board of Directors and the Chiefs Senate. All Alberta First Nations are direct members of the Centre> and are represented by their duly elected Chief. Strong accountability back to Alberta Leadership is built into the bylaws of the Centre.

The Alberta FNIGC is responsible for rolling out the First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS) and the First Nations Regional Social Survey (RSS) - the only First Nations governed national health and social surveys in Canada. They are longitudinal in nature and collect information based on both Western and traditional understandings of health and well-being. We have 2 Regional Advisory Committees (one for RHS and one for RSS) consisting of subject-matter experts and Elders to help us with this.

The Alberta FNIGC promotes, protects, and advances the principles of OCAP® (First Nations Ownership Control Access and Possession of our data), the Inherent Right to self-determination and jurisdiction in research, and information management. As such, each nation owns their data and interprets the information since they understand it best. We provide the results of the survey and

The AFNIGC focuses on 5 major objectives:

1. Secure long term, operational funding for Centre.

2. Establish effective communications with First Nations at all levels to:

  • Promote and advance the RHS data utilization and access,
  • Promote training opportunities
  • Support evidence-based decision making and
  • Promote the First Nations Principles of OCAP®

3. Establish effective partnerships with organizations to ensure mutual benefits from the contributions of the Centre with:

  • Federal and Provincial Governments,
  • Research Centres,
  • Academia,
  • Students, and
  • Aboriginal Organizations

4. Develop and deliver several training programs via Webinar Series and OCAP® Lectures.

5. Coordinate the Regional RHS and RSS Reports and Lessons-Learned Roundtables.